Ask - These - Homestucks

TT: I am a fan of many colors.
TT: Though I must say I’m rather fond of ivories, obsidians, crimsons, and jades.

TT: ‘Cute’ is not the term I would have chosen myself, though your compliments are much appreciated.

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TT: Salutations, my friends. It has indeed been a while hasn’t it?
TT: Any questions for me?

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TT: See ya guys. I am off.

Will you marry me, Dirk?


TT: Uh no way.
TT: Where is my ring?
TT: If you like it then you should put a ring on it.
TT: There will be no acceptance of any proposal unless I get a ring.

Hey, Dirk, how are you today? Do you need any mangas? I could lend you some!


TT: Hello. I am doing good.
TT: Thank you for the offer but I will have to decline at this current moment.
TT: I am currently reading a few novels and series that will take some time. 

Dirk, how on earth do you and Jane keep that scamp Li'l Seb under control? He seems to have a mind all his own. Have you ever had to put him in time out?


TT: Well since I am Lil Seb’s creator he has to listen to me. 

TT: I would not deny what I am. For I am an Otaku. 
TT: And here are some of my products to prove it. Most of the rest is in my closet.

So, Dirk, still got a thing for a certain English gentlebro?


TT: Well I uh.
TT: Do I still like Jake?
TT: Well the thing is with that uh.
TT: Of course not. We are over so.
TT: I got over him.
(TT: No, I did not. But I do not want Jake thinking that I still like him.)

Dirk, I need your help. How in the heck does one get as cute as you?♥


TT: First you have to be Born this way.
TT: Second, you have to have a cute clip. 

Well Dirk… Is your mind telling you no? Is your body telling you yes? And does that bedazzled thong chaff?


TT: Really? 
TT: Just no. Please. 
TT: I love that song as much as the next guy but please.
TT: Also, I obviously do not have a bedazzled thong.

Dirk, What do think of Roxy? :)


TT: Roxy? Well she is my best friend so obviously I do think she is quite pleasant.
TT: Her alcohol problem isn’t the best but that is something I can somewhat look past. 
TT: But over all, she is a very cool girl.

timaeusTestified[TT] is now online.

TT: Sup everyone. 
TT: Now that I am here, come ask me some stuff.

GG: okay but i am actually going for real this time!!
GG: goodnight everyone :D

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GG: oh thats easy
GG: being licked by terezi!
GG: most of what karkat yells about is total bullshit anyway!!