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TG: rolal out

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TA: 1MM4 4C7U4LLY G0 F0R N0W

TA: BY33333

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TG: well idk bout as far as boy guys go but janeyd be cool!

TG: we could like, wear disguises and make alcoholic baked goods and make out i guess

TG: (still got my peepers on that fine daddio tho)

TA: H3H3H3H3H3H3H3

TA: BU22 BU22

TA: KURL0Z G07 3M F0R M3


TG: dont remind me of dear sweet fefeta

TG: she lived a gillorious life

TG: and died a pawful death!!

TA: 7UL1P!!! H1111

TA: 1 G075 7H3 G4M35 4LL R34DY!!!

TA: W4NN4 D0 7H15?

TG: long story shot i caught the stove on frire

TG: it wasnt pretty

TG: there was grilly screams

TG: lol grilly get it

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TG: ayyyyy whos up 4 quewstions